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I am so excited for this weekend. Friday and Saturday evenings are kind of like the fireworks finale to my crazy week.

I have been busy making and freezing the dough for one hundred large-and-in-charge chocolate-cherry cookies, which will be sold at the first annual Bake Olympia bake sale. The bake sale has been organized by fellow Olympia food blogger The Plum Palate, who noticed the great things King County food bloggers were doing to fight hunger there and decided, “Why not Olympia?” All of the bake sale’s proceeds will go to the Thurston County Food Bank. How cool is that? She’s planned the whole thing and, in the process, brought together a handful of people in Olympia who, like me, write about food all by their little lonesomes. I’m excited to meet everyone!

And I’m excited to meet some of you. The sale will be Friday night during Arts Walk from 5-10 pm at the Make Olympia Street Market. This will be held right around the corner from Cascadia restaurant, on the closed-off block of Columbia Street, between 4th and State. We’ll have a booth with all kinds of baked goods going for $1, or a donation to the food bank. Come see us! We even have a Facebook event page!

I will be there from 7-10 pm, and my contribution to the cause will be my chocolate-cherry cookies.

If you’ve never tasted my baking or just want to say hi, this is the perfect opportunity for you! Don’t wait too long, though; we anticipate selling-out early.

And if you, like me, can’t get enough of our Arts Walk weekends, come to the annual Procession of the Species parade Saturday afternoon at 4:30. But get there early to secure a spot along the route! I will be dancing in the Samba Olywa group as a monarch butterfly (dang that costume!), and I haven’t been in a parade since I was a high school cheerleader. Walking and cheering and walking and dancing are a lot alike, it turns out: I am pretty clutzy at both. Should be funny!

Hope to see you Friday night!


It’s that time again…another week has gone by, so here’s mine in cell phone pictures!

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Last Saturday morning, I drove downtown to drop Teensy off at her baking class.

I stood at the bottom of Budd Bay and tried my best to capture the fog as it disappeared into a gorgeous day.

That afternoon, Teensy-Weensy and I drove north to my godson Aiden’s 3rd birthday party.

Shara (his mom) always makes her kids the sweetest cakes.

I love that he adores Mickey Mouse!

Teensy-Weensy goes ga-ga for party hats!

She is such the Ms. Congeniality! *

*no idea where she gets this trait…ha!

The party was at a fun-center, which means it was crawling with munchkins and there was this human hamster toy (that’s what I call it) that was probably 3 stories tall.

Guess who needed Mama to climb through it with her?


My purse was a swingin’, my shirt kept lifting up, and I broke up a fight.

The kids loved me!

Every year on Super Bowl Sunday, I bake my Touchdown! Cake.

It’s very minty. Those are Andes Candies!

Next year, I promise to get with the program and get you the recipe.

I swear.

Jumped through an official hoop this past week: got my business license in order to secure the “Fresh Scratch” name!


I am now legit for freelance writing & selling my photo cards to local stores.

Once the cottage baking application process is finalized, I will get a license for my baking, too!

Is it weird that I am excited to now buy stuff at a wholesale rate?

Mr. Fresh Scratch and I had a little lunch out yesterday, then we trolled through a new store in downtown Oly: The Mod Fix.


It’s an homage to all things 50’s/60’s/70’s.

It’s pretty much your childhood.

Those dishes your mom had?

They’re here.

Furniture you remember your grandma having?

It’s here.

Cool new “mod” stuff?


A bright green rotary phone you were glad to ditch when your parents finally bought a cordless in 1990?

It’s here…for $65. Who’d ‘a thought?!

My friend Amanda will die for this store!

She loves mid-century modern.

I bought a little red chalkboard yesterday.

I had a piece of art hanging above this desk in our entryway since we moved in.

It never looked right to me.

This does! I love a trifecta!

I have a turquoise frame with a found key and Teensy’s 3-year-old handprint,

and that’s one of my sea star photos.


We are gearing up for some “Who do You Think You Are?” on tv tonight.

Any other nerds out there who love this show each winter??

Then it’s off to Seattle for the Mr. and me while my dear, sweet love of a cousin has a slumber party for my girls.

What are you up to?!