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Oh, hell yes.

I think, for me, a new year starts at my own new year. That’s St. Patrick’s Day, not New Year’s Day. And, so, it’s time for my word of the year. Let’s go crazy and make it a phrase.

Fresh Scratch, lemon curd

I’ve wrapped up the final days of my third decade. Here’s what I have to say to that: oh, hell yes! I could even go as far as saying I’d really rather prefer to replace that “hell” with another four-letter word, but I lived in the South for a while and I just can’t do that on that outside. Rest assured, I am doing it on the inside.

40 doesn’t scare me. And it’s not a finish line. It’s not a climax. It’s not a pinnacle. It’s kind of like in Ms. Pac-Man when you chomp those big things that give you power or make you invincible to those strangely fast ghosts. Forty years of life has offered lessons that have turned to wisdom. Forty years have finally shown some “adventure lines” on my face in such a way that Clementine wants to now call them what they really are.

Oh, hell yes! Keep it coming, world. Bring it. I was born for all of this. Like Vince Vaughn earnestly said in this podcast, I want to ride all the rides at this carnival. Every sweet carousel, every romantic ferris wheel, the roller coasters that make me scream, and the spinny rides that make me want to throw up. And all of it with probably a little ice cream dripped on my shirt.

Because we are talking about me, here. It’s just inevitable I will spill something.

40 years or not, we each deserve nothing less than hell, yes. A big old no to everything and everyone that doesn’t elicit that twinkle in your eye. We only get to do this whole thing once.

What gets an oh, hell yes! from you?

Here’s what’s been getting a major one from me:

What I’m Cooking: Freutcake’s lemon curd – a shout-out to my homie Pati for the Meyer lemons this winter that were grown on her mama’s tree in California.

What I’m Watching: I saw all nine of the Oscar-nominated films this season! I finished with Moonlight last week {hint: not as hard to watch as I’d braced myself for – such a beautiful ending}, but Hacksaw Ridge surprised me as my favorite.

What I’m Reading: I just had my heart ripped out by Salt to the Sea. I have been on a real World War Two/historical fiction jag for the last year and just cannot seem to get satiated.

Where I’m Going: A winter farewell weekend in the Cascades with Shara and our kids – look out, sledding hill!




Clementine's ballet recital costume

Friday: the day I share the sparkly moments from my week. You can stalk me in a friendly way over on Instagram, where I masquerade as mrsfreshscratch.

We had summer-like temperatures here all week, and it was glorious. There was lots of sitting around under the arbor in the backyard {and lots of dinners eaten there!}, lots of swinging on the swingset {not me!}, and it all culminated with my kids having a crazy water fight last night. When I looked out to see what all the squealing was about, they were nekkid.

Ahh, summer. Hurry up!

Jake's graduation

I did not take this photo, but I did steal it successfully from my friend Shannon. You may remember her from my post on my love affair with Texas Sheet Cake.

Shannon’s husband Jake took the downturn in the economy as an opportunity to chase his dream. He went from working for an upscale contractor in Charlotte to graduating from Ole Miss Law School last weekend in Oxford, Mississippi. Shannon and their three kids followed him the whole way, and lots of sacrifices were made. They inspire me greatly.

Looking at this picture of Jake reminds me that it’s never too late to be who you wanted to be.

Annabelle's 9th birthday, I Annabelle's 9th birthday, II

Last weekend my little Annabelle ushered in her last single-digit year. We got out her baby book, but she was more interested in building Lego masterpieces than oohing and ahhing. She got her request to spend her day happily relaxing, reading Nancy Drew books and doing intricate little crafts.

She also didn’t want a regular cake – just some applesauce muffins and a trip out for frozen yogurt. Done!

Mother's Day breakfast in bed Mother's Day menu

What better way to celebrate nine years of motherhood than choosing from this fabulous menu the night before Mother’s Day and leaving it outside of my door?!

Let me tell you, the spa day was hilarious, as I don’t think any of my service providers had ever been to a spa. And the parade? They asked for no cameras, but the kids and Matt gave me the most memorable parade/variety show in our driveway that I’ve ever seen!

As I was laughing and crying at the same time, I kept thinking of how lucky I am to have these three weirdos in my life.

Clementine's ballet recital costume

Clementine had her picture night for her spring recital at the dance studio this week. Trying to get that short hair slicked back enough to resemble a bun was a challenge, for sure, but it was worth it.

She is dang cute.

I may be a little biased.


While I would never have just a cork separating my home from a jar of glitter, I sure did think it looked pretty while I was bumming around the shops downtown with Emily on Mother’s Day.

meAnd this selfie was just for the heck of it, as it had been a while. This is me, already in summer-mode, waiting for the end of the school year to catch up with my attitude.

And now the rain is about to return for a few days.

Happy Weekend!

xo, Mrs. Fresh Scratch