My little Clementine turns five very soon. We don’t give each of the girls a big party each year, but instead we have them trade off. This year was her year, and she couldn’t wait to go all super hero on everything. We threw her party last weekend and enjoyed a houseful of preschoolers super heroes and preschooler’s their parents.

Super Hero Party, I Auntie Evie came through with the cape. She sent her a blank one with everything she’d need to cut out shapes, glue them on, and make it sparkle.

Friday night’s are Family Night around here, and the night before her party it was her turn to decide what we’d do. “Party Prep-ation!” she shouted!

I’d researched stuff on Pinterest for Super Hero parties for about a month, but most of it was way too over-the-top {surprise, surprise!}. So we focused on the bright, primary colors and got some help from the Dollar Store and Party City.

How can you go wrong with crepe paper streamers and some balloons?Super Hero Party, II Initially, I was going to make cupcakes {all vanilla, all the time, when it comes to Miss C} with Super Hero figurines on top. Easy! But did she want easy? No.

She wanted the shaped pan that looked like Spiderman.

And did the cake come out of the pan? No. Not very well. I ended up flipping it over, using the smooth bottom as the top, and going rogue on the decorating.

Cake decorating is not my comfort zone. Baking, yes. But decorating? Heck, no.

Even though I have all the piping tips and bags and stuff, I resorted to two tubes of frosting from the store {blue and black} and some red sugar. Voila!

The vanilla cake and vanilla frosting I made from the recipes in Martha Stewart’s Cakes. I pre-scooped the vanilla ice cream into silicone cupcake cups and popped them into the freezer the night before. Scooping ice cream right at cake time is always so messy!Super Hero Party, IIISince it was raining cats and dogs {welcome to western WA}, we couldn’t have the outdoor super hero training course {read: obstacle course} as planned. So we tamed it down and made a laser training course in the hallway out of blue painter’s tape. The kids loved it! Super Hero Party, V Super Hero Party, VIAt the end of the laser course, some villains were hanging up that I’d printed off the internet for free. The kids grabbed silly string {they have it at the Dollar Store!} and sprayed the heck out of Penguin, the Riddler, and Catwoman. {Note: don’t hang the villains over a heater vent, or it will get filled with silly string!}

Super Hero Party, IVWe got a few super hero-themed puzzles from the Dollar Store that the kids then proceeded to put together. There was a lot of adult help, as many were kind of difficult.Super Hero Party, VIIWhen the kids first arrived, we ushered them to the dining room table. At each place setting {read: piece of construction paper}, we had a blank mask {Party City}, a super hero figurine, and a box of super hero-themed crayons {both from the Dollar Store}. Each kid wrote his or her name at their spot and got busy decorating their mask with sparkly stars, pom-poms, and feathers.

After puzzle time, we also gave everyone a stiff cut-out of a person and laid a bunch of cape-shaped construction paper pieces out for capes {or skirts!}. They glued and colored for a while, and then it was time for presents and cake {plates from the Dollar Store, super hero napkins on clearance at Target}, a little free time, and – whew! – it was over.

Ever notice how the two hours of a kid’s birthday party – no matter how much you enjoy the other adults there – creep by oh. so. slowly?

I wouldn’t say any party is easy to throw, but this one was much easier than all the others I saw during my “research.” It was super-fun, and no one went home with a bag filled with candy – bonus!

Happy Birthday to my favorite little caped-crusader!