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easter brunch.

Easter dinner


It’s nearly here. And, after a decade or so of his forgetfulness, I’ve finally wised-up to the fact that the Easter Bunny will no longer come for me. I’ve already eaten through a small bag of those little chocolate eggs with the crackly sugar coating.

This year we’re hosting some of my family for an Easter brunch. On our menu is crock pot ham {recipe here}, roasted asparagus {recipe here}, chili cheese puff {recipe here}, and some danishes {recipe here} .

The rest has been assigned to the guests – juice, fruit {that just made me think of Juicy Fruit gum – so disgusting!}, dessert, a potato dish, etc. Always ask people to bring something! Do not stress yourself in the kitchen just because you’re having guests.

These are all super-easy things to make. The ham can go in the crock pot hours before the brunch actually begins, the chili cheese puff can be prepped ahead of time and baked the morning of, the danishes can be made the day before and warmed just as the guests are arriving, and the asparagus can be last in the oven.

roasted asparagusThere are even moments when the host or hostess can sit on his or her bum with a nice glass of vino.

Not that I would know this first hand.

Well, okay, I do know this first hand. Who are we kidding here?

 I am wishing you all a relaxing Easter, whether you’re the host or the hosted. Don’t forget to buy a Cadbury Creme Egg and some Peeps to sneak for yourself, okay?

insta.friday {super bowl round-up}!

insta.friday, fresh scratch

Friday. All instagram photos. All the time.

Except this week, when I also remind you of some tasty vittles you can whip up for Super Bowl Sunday.

As Ton Loc would say, “Let’s do it.”


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I think I was lead astray by a few souls on Instagram last Friday.

Somehow I thought it was “National Pie Day,” even though I was pretty darn sure it wasn’t. I think that’s 3/14. But I am not confident in my math, so I went with this and let myself be lead.

To the San Francisco Street Bakery.

For a pie.

No one was sad.


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We took the girls to watch the girls’ basketball team play at the high school where I teach last weekend. I definitely have favorite students {can’t lie!}, and one of my very, very faves is on the team. Sadly, she got a concussion just before game time {hit in the head by a stray basketball, anyone?}, but still gave my girls these cute shirts she’d made them as a surprise.

They now love basketball.

Check that off the list.


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After last Friday night, I couldn’t really think of taking pictures. While my New England pals have been in a polar vortex, I’ve been in a grading vortex. I texted my friend last night about all the grading I have to do this weekend, and I ended it with,”I might die.” If anyone’s ever died of grading high school English papers, it might be me. Stay tuned!

I digress, though, because this picture was about the Seahawks, not my grading!

Sunday’s the big day. Super Bowl. Katy Perry. Commercials. My two teams playing, so I can be a little more relaxed than the rabid Seahawks fans I’ll be watching with.

Everything is all Seahawks around here in Washington. I was amazed at the cupcakes at Costco yesterday. They even had tons of floral arrangements for sale there in green and blue! And cakes! And! And!

And if you need to bring something to a Super Bowl party, fear not. I’ve got you covered. I am Mrs. Fresh Scratch, after all!

Click here for my Touchdown!Cake recipe, or here for a couple of easy, hot dips that everyone always loves.

From under many pounds of student’s work, I bid you a happy weekend –

xo, mrs. fresh scratch