my 1st day of school, 2014I am a quirky lady who wears lots of hats, like many others I know: mother, friend, teacher, baker, writer, reader, adventurer, world traveler, frequent film-watcher, photographer, fancy drink-drinker.

For a while I had a small baking company called “Fresh Scratch.”  When I first started baking, my dad was my taste-tester.  He would always ask, “Did you make this from scratch?  Did you use fresh scratch?” Today, I love baking for my friends and family. I also love writing, and have found the “fresh scratch” name has a great duality. My dad passed away when I was 25, and this is a small way of honoring him and his humor.

You can find me all over the interwebs, at places such as: Fresh Scratch on Facebook, mrsfreshscratch on Instagram, @mrsfreshscratch on Twitter, and mrsfreshscratch on Pinterest.