So it’s the day after Labor Day. School’s about to start. In comes the routine. But I’m here to tell you that summer can still live on. It just takes a little effort on your part to eek out the last of the season. The glass of Sangria is half full, not half empty, my friends.

Fresh Scratch, Sangria, St. GermainSangria? Yes. In September. Because it’s not too late.

I hosted a clothing swap with my lady friends a couple of weeks ago, on the last fine evening in our weather report for what ended up being like 10 days. The rain finally arrived, and it was glorious and sobering and cozy and sad all at once. But first came the muggy night with Sangria in the backyard under the twinkle lights.

Stuff You’ll Need:

* ideally, a punch bowl or large pitcher, though you could break this down glass-by-glass

* the fruits of the season: stone fruits, late summer berries, apples, and – dare I say it? – pears

* 2 bottles of white wine {my fave? L’Ecole. But Sangria is a good place to go even cheaper.}

* 1 bottle of elderflower liqueur {try something cheaper than St. Germain – if you go nuts, this Sangria could easily cost you $60, so simmer down.}

* sparkling water

What to Do:

1) chop all the fruit into bite-sized pieces & dump it into the vessel of your choice

2) pour in the alcohol

3) serve with some fruit in each glass and top with sparkling water to help dilute it a bit. Seriously. I didn’t do this part because I forgot I had seltzer water in the pantry, and after three or four of these, I definitely felt it the next morning.

Viva la Summer! …but welcome to fall, too. Let’s not be haters!

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