My aunt and uncle have hosted Easter since I can remember. It’s grown from our two families and our grandparents, as we’ve all gotten married and most of us have had kids. This year I took a turn {twist my arm! you know I love entertaining!}, and we hosted a simple brunch where everyone brought something.

Easter, Fresh ScratchWe had just swapped our big dining room table with our little kitchen table. I think it’s going to stay that way. The entertaining feels less formal, and now the dining room can be a more intimate space. I’ll have to get photos of that soon for you! It’s a work in progress, for sure.

We stayed completely out of our dining room and our more formal living room for this event. It was great!

I set up our extra folding table in the family room, which is open to this space, too – you can see it in the right of the picture. It was a smart move. Entertaining does not have to be fancy, people. Everyone just wants to feel included and loved and not hungry. That’s about it.

 This year I finally realized why my aunt always had some candy for the adults. It stinks when all the kids are eating stuff from their baskets and we don’t have any! So I put out the extras… and the little weasels still took it.

Easter, Fresh ScratchMy nieces – they sure went quickly from being the new kids doing the egg hunt to the ones hiding the eggs – sniff!

Easter, Fresh ScratchHey – there’s someone on the right that you’ve probably never seen before, my oldest brother Chris. In the middle is my cousin Garrett, followed by his wife Mel who introduced us to this.

Easter, Fresh ScratchAnd those are our family friends Freling and Kristi in the middle. Almost all of us have, at one time or another, rented out their cute apartment above the garage at their beautiful Victorian home on Puget Sound. Those were certainly a couple of the best years of my life! And that’s my step-mom on the right, Judy, someone else you don’t see often here.

Easter, Fresh ScratchAnd Mel and baby Ashtyn, who makes the cutest little squeaks you’ve ever heard. It was such a gorgeous Easter this year that we all ended up out back to watch the egg hunt, sitting in the sun on our porch, as the yard furniture hasn’t been brought out yet.

What follows is hysterical. I like to view these pictures in rapid succession. Clementine didn’t seem to understand that dumping her basket over her head to be funny would result in…well, dumping her basket on her head. That pre-frontal cortex takes another couple decades to fully develop, y’all.

Easter, Fresh Scratch Easter, Fresh Scratch Easter, Fresh Scratch Easter, Fresh ScratchThis is my life…

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