As we turn toward cozier, sweater-weather {it’s coming! I promise!}, there’s no better way to snuggle into it than an afternoon at the movies or spent curled up with a good book.

You can start laughing hysterically if you’re a parent, because we all know those moments come infrequently for us, but let’s dream a bit.

If you haven’t seen This is Where I Leave You yet, you’ve got to hurry. It’s been in theatres for nearly a month, and I don’t think this gem will be around much longer.

The Altman family patriarch has just died, leaving four kids, a wife, and a wish that they all remain beneath the same roof together for one week. As the layers peel back, we see the imperfection of each person’s life, but we also see the beauty. The film mostly follows Judd {Jason Bateman}, and I promise your heart will go out to him in a big way. I love those characters that want the messy, happy life instead of the perfect, unhappy one.

Anyway, you will love this film – I promise! Bring a kleenex, but be ready to laugh, too. I mean, the sister is played by Tina Fey!

Eleanor & ParkI have to admit that what drew me toward Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park was the cover. It is such a raw read. It takes place in 1986 Nebraska. An unlikely relationship develops on the school bus between Park – a guy who likes Punk music and eyeliner – and Eleanor – a girl who comes from a very sad home life and who is just this side of homeless. Their connection is born over mixed tapes and comic books. It’s about first love, bullying, domestic violence, and friendship. We wonder if they can ever find a way to just be a typical teenage couple. It’s heavy at times, but really worth it.

DivergentIt took me a while to jump on the whole Divergent bandwagon, but I finally did. I could. not. put. it. down. It’s definitely in the vein of other distopian novels, but it has it’s own spin. I’m sure you’ve heard a ton about it by now, especially since it’s already a movie. I’m excited to read the rest – the book is full of great descriptions and imagery.

Do you ever read young adult lit for fun? What’s one of your favorite titles?

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  1. That movie looks really good! Even if it’s no longer in the regular theaters, hopefully it will pop back up at McMenamin’s Olympic Club (where I can enjoy it with a nice glass of wine!)

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