Molly Wizenberg is coming! Molly Wizenberg is coming!

Somehow, saying it twice feels necessary.

I have been a loyal reader and admirer of Molly’s awesome, authentic blog Orangette for years. Her recipes for granola {my old fave is here; my new, less-sugar-y fave is here} are so commonplace in the Fresh Scratch household that I have them memorized. 

Her blog posts always make me feel calm, like I am getting a confession from a friend who trusts me – as an English teacher, I will tell you that the girl’s got fantastic voice. She’s not a frequent post-er, so each one is like a rare jewel.

Her podcast with Matthew Amster-Burton keeps me laughing out loud while I do things like the dishes or painting my family room. They are hysterical! Never has food seemed so funny or risque.

She lives just up the road in the fair Emerald City that is Seattle, so I feel a neighborly kinship toward her. We are just one year apart in age, and I also feel like, if she met me, we could be friends – not the least bit stalkerella, now, am I?

Once I gave her a goofy blog award, and she emailed me with such a sincere thank you, even though she had already been named World’s Best Blog by some fancy London paper.

When Molly’s second book, Delancey: A Man, a Woman, a Restaurant, a Marriage, came out recently, I tried to register for one of her readings in Seattle – so full, I couldn’t even get on the wait list. But, fear not, fair Olympians! She’s coming to our town! She’ll be at the Bayview School of Cooking June 10th to talk about her new book and to cook us up some tasty vittles. I’m all registered. Are you?

I’ll be the weirdo who is super star-struck.

A Homemade Life by Molly WizenbergA Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table: This is probably my favorite food memoir. For every chapter, there’s a recipe. Not a crazy recipe, but the kind you can whip up confidently and that you’ll actually want to eat. Molly tells the story of her life through the food that was meaningful during all the moments, little and big. It’s not like her life is all that different from any other normal gen-x-er – it’s the telling of it that makes it special.

I am especially attached to this book because of how she describes her relationship with her dad, who passed away from cancer just a few months ahead of my dad. She tells about all of it – the disbelief, the heart-crushing sadness, the denial, the relief – just the way I remember it. Even all these years later, it helped me feel better to read it and know that someone else knew just how it was.

The memoir ends with marrying her husband, Brandon Pettit, who started off as a reader of her blog…

Delancey by Molly Wizenberg…and that’s where Delancey: A Man, a Woman, a Restaurant, a Marriage picks up. Brandon’s interest in pizza and desire to open a pizzeria seemed like just another passing whim to Molly, but this time she was wrong. This memoir tells of the craziness that lead up to the opening of their Ballard restaurant Delancey, how it almost destroyed her – how it almost destroyed them. How the thing that brought them together – home cooking – all but disappeared, but that she lived to tell the tale.

She offers up fabulous recipes for things like brownies and meatloaf – things you can really sink your teeth into; things that sustain us when the going gets tough. And it always gets tough.

Plus, this is probably the most visually-appealing book cover I have ever seen. Don’t you think?

I read each of these books in two days. Two days, people. That is saying something.

And if the evening at Bayview is not convenient for you, the Olympia Food Coop’s August cookbook is A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table. You can register for the meeting and potluck {free!} here, though Molly won’t be there. She’ll be at the downtown Olympia library in September, though!

There’s also a great review of the book and spread on her family in this month’s Edible Seattle. Molly, Molly, everywhere! Yippee!

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