Last night, as Annabelle and I left her rehearsal for her next play, I was pleasantly jolted by the smell of the rain. The smell of that first, warm rain of the year – there’s nothing quite like it.

Next Friday when I post my week in cell phone pics {I’m mrsfreshscratch over at Instagram, for those of you who just cannot wait until next Friday!!}, it will already be officially spring. Can you believe it?!

I will also be a year older by then. Gulp.

"It's better to be hated for what..."The buzz in this hallway near my classroom is that this quote is not, in fact, attributed to the late Kurt Cobain, contrary to some pen-wielding student’s belief. Whoops. Yesterday I passed this sign to see that Kurt’s name had been covered by a piece of paper with the real author’s name {Andre’ Gide} in bold Sharpie.glitterGlitter. I never allowed glitter into my house for years and years because it magically gets on everything for five years. But I love glitter.

It’s a weird story, but the day after the Newtown shootings, I went and bought my kids a big pack of glitter. Every color imaginable. In my strange, mom way, I wanted to let their happiness overshadow my neuroses about glitter. Because life is short. And I am weird.homemade mayoLast weekend I got out my trusty immersion blender and made mayonnaise from a recipe in The Homemade Pantry: 101 Foods You Can Stop Buying and Start Making. Although it tasted quite olive oil-ish, I liked it. My whole family liked it on our BLTs that night.

The problem with making your own mayo, though, is it’s only good for like four days. And what will you do with all that mayo in four days? Not eat it.

I tried it. I liked it. But I’m never making it again."The Frogs Know that Spring..."When March hits, it seems like the frogs all wake up together to serenade the world. I love rolling down my window when I drive by a pond at night and recording them. When I die, my phone will be filled with weird froggie concerts.

So, naturally, I loved this sign.Annabelle as "Taylor Stone"My Annabelle has big dreams of being an actress. After her first starring role in her class play this past week, she sees no reason why Hollywood would not naturally be a part of her trajectory.Hali & LexiI love it when my nieces are together in my kitchen. They are so funny and sassy, and I love to push my baked goods on them.

I also love that Hali, the one on the left, is very secretive, but her big sis, Lexi, will tell me whatever I want to know. Awesome.I.C. Signs I am working on a story about local sign painter Ira Coyne, so I went to his talk at our library one night this week. Who knew there was this whole super-cool world of sign painters? On my drive home that night, I saw Olympia totally differently through the signs I passed and what I’d learned about them.Folk Magazine, Fall 2013Oh, my gosh. Do you get Folk Magazine or follow them on Instagram? I feel like this magazine was made for me. It’s totally preserving Americana by writing about it and photographing it. My dream? To work for them!

I believe through today, you can go to their site and order the Fall 2013 issue and pay just the shipping. It’s a good way to see what you’ve been missing.2014 blossomsMy birthday time wouldn’t be complete without the annual blossom picture. I wish this stage of spring wasn’t so short-lived!Lisa Leonard goodiesYesterday was a super-rare, super-happy mail day – not only did Folk Magazine arrive, but a mysteriously large box from Lisa Leonard was awaiting me. One I did not even order. Hmmm.

For a minute I thought it might be from Lisa herself, thanking me for being such an incredibly loyal customer. haha!

Instead, it was my birthday gift from my cousin Evie and her family. This bag and bracelet are exactly what I would’ve picked out myself. I love that she knows me so well. I totally miss her and her little Hawaii-living self.

Part of my birthday weekend? Sharing an extra blog post with you regarding St. Patty’s Day. Stay tuned!

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  1. Happy early birthday. Wishing you much happiness, reflection, and sugar on your birthday weekend! And thanks for the recommendation for Folk Magazine. Just added them to my Instagram feed. Just gorgeous.

  2. I love the sound of frogs chirping and crickets, too. I’m on a really make it from scratch mission lately. I’m going to follow your link and see what else I should be making for myself! Have a wonderful birthday!!!!

  3. Your very favorite pie always has been Lemon Meringue, even on your Birthday!!!!!!!!!!! I hope to wish you a Happy Birthday tomorrow Dear Daughter!

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