Remember how I told you last month that we make fondue once a year at the Fresh Scratch homestead? On the last day of school?

I love that tradition.

We’ve been using the same recipe for a decade-plus, and it really wasn’t working for us. It didn’t have the right consistency.

My friend Emily {are you following her? she’s of (r)evolving mama fame.} heard my plea and shared her recipe. Interestingly, they also make it only once a year, but on….Groundhog’s Day. Love it!

You’ll need:

* a fondue pot of some sort. I had quite a collection for a short time after my wedding – in the early 2000’s, fondue pots were all the rage, man. I use one that is electric. Emily uses one that sits over a sterno. Depending on your type of pot, you can make it directly inside of it, or you might have to do it on your stovetop and then transfer it to your fondue pot.

* 1 lb. mild cheddar {Emily uses half this, but I like it thicker}

* 8 oz. sharp cheddar

* 8 oz. beer {have the rest of the can on hand, in case it needs thinning}

* 1 tbsp. flour

* 1 tsp. mustard

* 1 garlic clove

* stuff to dip into the delicious cheese: cubed French bread, chunks of carrot/celery/broccoli/cauliflower {eww!}/apples {highly recommend}, etc.

Do this:

1. Peel the garlic clove and rub it all over the inside of your pot.

2. Put all the ingredients into the pot and stir with a fork over medium to medium-low heat until it all melts.

 3. If you weren’t already doing this directly into your fondue pot, pour it in. Keep it on low heat, whether with a sterno or electricity.
We have a funny rule at our house that you have to kiss someone at the table if your stuff falls off of your fondue fork into the cheese. Mr. Fresh Scratch brought us this rule, and he loves it.
One of the many fun things about fondue is that you could totally change the taste of it by swapping out which types of cheese you use, which type of alcohol you use {white wine is good}, etc.
You might just have this stuff on hand, so maybe it will be fondue night at your place!
I’ll be right over.
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  1. Kelli, do you remember us doing fondue when you were little? It was popular then, too. It took just as long to eat as it did to chop and was always fun!

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