Here is my latest film review. You can read others here. In case you live beneath a Pinterest-ified rock, Ben Affleck’s latest turn as director is garnering {no pun intended! ha!} tons of doting press. Don’t be the only person who doesn’t see this movie in the next few weeks…

“Argo”: Oh. my. goodness. I’ve been saying it for years, – and, as a lover of films and as a film studies teacher, I feel like I have a leeetle bit of cred {not much!} – but Ben Affleck is THE NEXT BIG THING as far as directors go. Seriously. First, go see “Argo” and contribute to the good numbers the film is getting at the box office. Then, rent “Gone, Baby, Gone” and “The Town,” his previous directorial efforts: they are amazing. They pay homage to the gritty areas outside of Boston and keep you barely on the edge of your seat. But “Argo”? “Argo” takes it up a notch, because “Argo” is based on a true story, is kind of a period piece (my childhood!), and was filmed in Turkey.

Benny took on a huge, pretty recently de-classified event in our history – the extraction of the six Americans who escaped the takeover of the U.S. embassy in Iran and went into hiding in Tehran during Carter’s administration – and did it absolute justice, bringing it to life {albeit probably much more dramatically and oh-my-god-they-might-make-it-out-by-mere-seconds!} for those of us who were just learning to tie our shoes when it happened. We already know how it’s going to end, but he made me doubt it. I love that he got to the script first. I love that he’s into telling the truth. I pretty much love everything about Ben Affleck, no apologies to my husband who, I am pretty sure, already knows this.

He acts in the movie as Tony Mendez, the man from the CIA who was responsible for not only coming up with the long-classified {everyone thought it was the Canadians who were responsible for getting these folks out at the time for lots of political reasons, but it was actually this dude from the CIA – I love this kind of stuff!} actual idea of smuggling the Six out of Tehran during the hostage crisis by setting up a fake movie called “Argo” that was scouting the area for location purposes {the six being his “Canadian crew”}, but also doing the actual extraction. He plays the part absolutely seriously.

The film is completely spot-on with accuracy to the time period – the music, the clothes, the smoking happening everywhere, the cars, the cans of Miller….it’s totally legit as far as the time setting goes. His pacing is unbelievable, which is what I noticed from the other films, too. He unravels a story in such a way that I feel like I just might have a heart attack before the age of forty because he pulls you ever so slowly, yet ever so urgently, toward the film’s climax. My poor husband – I feel like I’ve never talked so much during a movie. Have I mentioned yet that I totally cried near the end? And I quite nearly never cry at movies; “Titanic” took all my tears in my twenties – please don’t judge.

There weren’t often subtitles for the Farsi spoken in the film, which helped the viewer feel the sense of panic and isolation of the Six. The casting was impeccable, and Victor Garber {the only witness to Ben and Jen’s wedding, fyi! I am such a fountain of knowledge.} as the Canadian Ambassador? Perfection. During the credits, the real Six’s passports were shown side-by-side with the fake ones of the cast in the movie – uncanny. The shots were amazing. Lots of them were totally close-ups and mid-shots to contribute to the feeling of isolation, but my favorite was one at the very end, where everything was out of focus but the two characters in the scene. It stood out from the rest of the film, and I liked that.

Make plans for date night. Get your buns to this movie. I think it’s going to be Mr. Affleck’s turn to get another statue this winter, and you will want to see why.

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  1. I am excited about this. I loved The Town. Gone, Baby, Gone was too disturbing for me as a parent. I would not watch that again. Victor Garber’s great…and they picked a Canadian to play a Canadian. 🙂 I saw him years ago on the stage here when I was in university.

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