It’s been a while since I pointed you in the direction of a good film, so break out the popcorn; this weekend you need to spend some time with two movie stars in one of my favorite cities…..

“The Tourist”: This movie was, in one word, fun. I can’t believe more people haven’t seen it! Just to start off and prove my credibility, it was nominated for three big Golden Globes in 2012 (Depp: Best Actor, Jolie: Best Actress, and Best Motion Picture, people!).

Why did I add it to my Netflix queue? It was because of Venice. The city of Venice is a major player in this movie, and she is a beauty. The previews showed our characters glamorously zipping around the canals in old wooden boats, and I knew I would just love it. And I did absolutely, 100% adore it. I once spent three days in Venice with Mr. Fresh Scratch, mom-and-father-in-law Fresh Scratch, and Teensy. Teensy was very sick most of the time, though, and we were all tired after a month abroad. Plus, the crowds were enormous (Italy in the summer is not recommended, travelers!). Even though I feel like I got to see a lot of cool stuff in the city (hellllooo, 150-Euro night-time gondola ride through a brewing thunderstorm!), there just was not as much carefree exploration as I had hoped. This movie actually filled in a lot of blanks for me, as far as Venice goes.

So, aside from a virtual vacation to Venice, what does this movie offer? Well, it offers Johnny Depp, first of all. He so often plays larger-than-life characters, so it was so entertaining and endearing to see him as a fumbling American school teacher who somehow found himself mixed up with the character played by Angelina Jolie. She is somewhat of a spy, a character who used to catch spies but found herself in love with the biggest wanted man of all. She’s being followed everywhere by British agents who want their man, and they think she will slip-up and lead them to her.

It may all sound a little bit Jason Bourne-esque, but, truly, hilarity ensues. The two of them were delightful together, and the film has some major twists. It reminded me of a 1980’s romantic caper. We don’t see enough of these types of films. Well, at least I don’t.

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  1. You are the first person to say good things about this movie,since Ricky Gervais mentioned the fact,that they only got nominated for awards so the press could spend time with the stars of this movie,I have not seen it,but I will put it on my download to see based on your review.

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