It has recently dawned on me that some of you may have never clicked on my page for film reviews. For some miraculous reason, I have seen a number of films recently, so I have a lot of reviews to write up. I thought I’d post a series here for you, brought over from my film page.

“The Lorax”: We took our daughter’s to this film on opening weekend (they are nearly three and nearly seven, respectively) after a lot of anticipation and build up at our house. Teensy had checked out the beloved book by Dr. Seuss at her school’s library months before, then proceeded to renew it half a dozen times. It was the first real book she read by herself. Teensy-Weensy has had the poster up on the back of her bedroom door for months. We were excited to try taking her to a movie at last! But, alas, nearly-three proved to be too young for this PG movie (why, oh why, didn’t I notice it was PG and not G? This is where knowledge of the site Common Sense Media would have really come in handy!). By the time we reached the half-way mark, she was curled up in one of our laps. When it was nearly over, she was crying, so Mr. Fresh Scratch took her out for cocoa while Teensy and I finished. The villain proved to be too mean for T-W’s taste, and I felt so guilty for not having looked into the film more beforehand. All that being said, it was a fun, visually-pleasing flick with the same message as the book (“take care of the earth!”). What makes it different from the book is the focus on where the little boy who visits the Once-ler comes from, and this provides us with the view of the aftermath of the destruction of the Truffula trees (wow, that’s a sentence with a lot of “of-s!”). We see a town that has to purchase bottled oxygen and has never seen a real tree. The best part for me was enjoying all the voices of the characters. A lot of fun people got on board with this film to provide the voices: Danny DeVito, Taylor Swift, Betty White and, my favorite, Ed Helms. Ed Helms voices the character who destroys everything to make the Sneeds (“which everyone, everyone!, needs!”). He sings silly songs a lot, just like his character Andy on “The Office,” which really tickled my funny bone. Both his character and Betty White’s provide lots of little laughs for the grown-ups. The Barbaloots were dang cute, too! It was absolutely appropriate for my 1st-grader, but, I think, if you’ve at all sheltered your kids from the media like I have, this is not for a preschooler.

“The Time Traveler’s Wife”:  I will come right out and say I liked the book so much better. I really, really wanted to absolutely love the movie – and I did enjoy it – but it didn’t grip me like the novel. This is one of my favorite books of all-time; it’s such a unique story. Somehow it’s easier to capture the confusion of the story as it’s released piece by piece into the imagination than it is to get a solid line of the events when they are being visually bombarded toward you. All that being said, however, the film was heartbreaking! My husband loved it. He cried {ooh, he will kill me for saying this, but he cries at most movies. He cried at the end of “Dirty Dancing.” It’s true! I saw it. But I think this is a nice quality in a man, so I am proudly sharing with you at his expense.}! I may have teared-up a little bit, too. Just a little. The story-line is this: a man is afflicted with a gene mutation that makes him time travel. He always arrives naked. For some reason, he often travels back to the same location (at different times), and that is the childhood home of his future wife. It’s very interesting, and also fun, to try to get a chronological thread in one’s mind to connect the dots. The book offers much more light and hope, while the film is pretty dark. Though I don’t believe it transferred well to the screen, it is still worth a watch, especially if you’ve read and enjoyed the book.

Next up in this series will be reviews of “The Descendants” and “The Black Swan.”

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  1. “The time Traveler’s Wife” is definately one of my favorite books and the very best part is that my daughter lent it to me. It was a bit hard to get the hang on how it was written, jumping forward and backward in time and following the characters as they grew up and matured. I have also seen the movie, it was good, but I, like Kelli, think the book was better. Some people say..see the movie first, I’m not sure on that one…….have a restfull spring break, Kel’s Mom

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