Hey, friends!

I don’t know about you, but I am so glad it’s Friday! This weekend, I am happy to say, I have nothing too major for which to prepare  looming on the agenda. That’s a rarity! After finishing all of my grading for the fall semester earlier in the week, this is such a welcome change.

While I was busy scoring student films, I managed to sneak in a smidgeon of photos on my cell phone. I’m linking up with Jeanett at Life Rearranged.

This is LJ.

Isn’t she adorable?  Look at those cheeks!

She’s my friends TJ & Jaralyn’s little cutie. They came for a visit from across the state last weekend, and we took them to our local children’s museum. She had a ball!

Here are my two cuties, also at the museum.  I can’t believe they are nearly three and seven! They are huge hams, bound for the lights of Broadway, ready to set their mama and daddy up for life with their millions (ha!).

My Teensy is ga-ga for the Recess Monkeys.  She’s seen them about four times, and she got her picture taken with them the last time. This is her second fan letter to them.  After the first, they promptly sent her a big package with autographed pictures, a cd, stickers, pins, a letter, etc! Wow!

Those guys are totally the bee’s knees for a kid. They’re pretty easy on the parents’ ears, too, which helps!

On my walk to work this morning, I spotted some daffodils already blooming in my neighbor’s yard!  I was dumbfounded.  Usually it’s another month before this happens.

It was awesome to see it and everything, to feel the promise of spring, but I couldn’t get around the fact that the start of last spring seems just like a month ago.

Why does it all have to go by so fast?

While we ponder that question, let’s hope that this weekend doesn’t go by too fast! I’m going to the library with my girls, the roller rink with Teensy and her Girl Scout troop, and to see our family friends in the musical “Seussical.”  

All fun stuff; can’t beat that!

What are you up to?

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