Hello!  Can I just say that this last week was just what I needed after the few crazy ones before it? I loved seeing my students and having our family back on a regular schedule {with electricity!}. I hated the sloppy, muddy mess the melting snow made, but was happy to see it go.

Ahh, all is well!

Since I had no internet connection last week, I was sad to miss showing you my pictures. You’ll have to bear with me as I bombard you today with twice the usual fun!

Above is the beautiful snow on our way down Snoqualmie Pass after a whiney, dangerous (both the sledding and the driving conditions) day of sledding up there. We each were clobbered by reckless sledders :(.

It’s good to be reckless sometimes in life, but sledding is not one of those times, peeps.

I read this book while the power was out at our house last week.  It took me far away on a journey to the Amazon.  My friend Amanda chose it for book club {we met last night; always a riot!}, and I am so glad she did!  I reviewed it here.

This is my hubby building a little sledding hill for the girls, before things got crazy with the trees falling and the power going out.  Our yard becomes the fun place in our neighborhood when it snows, mainly thanks to Mr. Fresh Scratch’s love of snow and desire to have fun!  All the neighborhood kids flock to our front yard!

Nothing says winter like some snowman-shaped pancakes swimming in organic maple syrup.  I ventured out on the un-plowed streets for this jug of heaven!

When our power was out, we {meaning I} eventually couldn’t stand it anymore and drove downtown to try out Kitzel’s Deli, the newest place that just opened up.  It’s a true Jewish deli.  Loved it!  I had a salty bagel and a chocolate-dipped macaroon. Swoon.

There was a Jewish man from NYC in line in front of me, telling his friend that when he first entered the deli, he cried! Isn’t that sweet?

Teensy is devouring the American Girl book series about her doll, Kit Kittridge.  I must admit, we are loving them, too.  She loves getting hooked on a series.

I am still participating in the instagram January-Phota-a-Day challenge.  On this day, I was to snap a “reflection,” so I got Teensy-Weensy to look into the rearview mirror.  She is so happy to do absolutely anything her mama asks!  Look at those cheeks!

Another day I was to take a pic of my shoes.  In between  network outages, I got this one of my slippers.  My husband calls them my “winter mukluks” because they are so hard-core.  They’re Sorels, which is my fave brand for keeping my feet warm in the winter {they have a snowmobiling boot that is legen.dary.  I’ve loved my pair since college!}.  These also are pretty dang comfy, beating out my Crocs for cooking in the kitchen, which really can make your feet ache if you do it as much as I do.  I love these babies!

When school finally was no longer cancelled {just a late-start}, my usual wooded walk was thwarted with many exciting obstacles, such as this tree.  For an intrepid explorer, it’s always fun to climb over a tree in a dress. I’m rugged.

I adapted my chalkboard for my current state of mind.

Another for the January-Photo-a-Day: my guilty pleasure.  Hello, people.com, twice a day!  I am a loyal voyeur viewer.  Ask me any useless celebrity trivia!

Another day my challenge was to photograph something I made.  I chose these two darlings.  I had a little help from my husband making these, of course ;).

Does anyone remember that episode of “Party of Five” when Charlie went to visit his parents’ grave and brought a sonogram of his unborn baby and said, “Hey, Mom and Dad. Look what I made,” and started crying?  I think of that every time I take my girls to my dad’s gravesite.  He died just before Mr. Fresh Scratch and I married, so never met my cuties.  I think he would get a kick out of them!

Lastly, I was to get a shot of color.  This is a close-up of the dress Teensy wore to school yesterday!  Love it.

I am so happy to finally be meeting my friend Erin’s little baby boy today, then to go see a play with friends, followed by a visit to a mysterious bakery downtown that only opens at night and only accepts cash.  Hmm. Intriguing!  Sunday I am off to Seattle with my BFF for a day of “escape” and oogling at Anthropology.

What are you up to this weekend?

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