Who loves When Harry Met Sally?

I do.  I. love. that. film.

I think of it at this time of the year.  Maybe it’s because at one point it shows the two of them getting a Christmas tree {Sally hemming and hawing; Harry helping her lug it up the street}, then the next year she’s doing it alone  because of their momentous complications.

Then there’s the big New Year’s Eve scene at the end, when he finally tells her he loves her and how she orders everything on the side and stuff.  And they muse on what the heck the lyrics to “Auld Lang Syne” means.

The movie reminds me of watching it alone with my old dog on New Year’s Eve when I was home from college. I came home from a party early because my old sweetie was smooching some new young thing and I just couldn’t stand it.  I put in this movie and was instantly happier and more sad.  It reminds me of my friend Dan who would have funny greetings on his answering machine that were lines from the film.

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching, folks.  I won’t ask what you’re doing, because it will make my non-existent plans seem very stark.  But what are you resolving to do in 2011?  To not do?

I’m going to watch a certain film and get back to you on this one…

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2 Comments on “Should old acquaintance be forgot….”

  1. Great first blog post, Kelli! I LOVE that movie! One of my favorites… I am caught quoting lines way to frequently… My new years plans are stark as well… although I imagine they will include two kids that will be sent to bed looooonnnng before midnight! Resolutions? Live in the moment… let the past go… and make new friends! Happy new year!

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