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For me, the entire week has been filled with cramming bits of summer fun in next to the transition back to school. Oh, and my classroom mysteriously became a small pond and is currently drying out.

But it’s Friday, and I can share the little moments of my week with you via cell phone pictures {I’m mrsfreshscratch on Instagram} as I drink my tea. And I like that.

Shall we?

peaches “Millions of peaches, peaches for free!” {as an aside, now that song will be stuck in your noggin all day…haha!}

Scotty brought these back from eastern Washington for me, and a few of them were lovely in Molly Wizenberg’s pistachio cake. Another was divine in my vanilla ice cream. Many are going to be heavenly when I pull them from the freezer during the rainy season when I can only dream of summer.

VW ranchero This.

How cool is this?!

Do you think it came like that, or was it a custom job? I mean, these are the things that keep me up at night!

Clementine soap Last weekend was the weekend Emily and I were waiting for: our time to visit our third amiga, Stacee, who happened to be vacationing at her friends’ home in Seattle while they were vacationing in San Diego. Um, good deal, no?

First stop: Anthropologie. I saw these soaps and just loved seeing my crazy, energetic little girl’s name on the wrapper.

orange vespa Santa, please leave one of these under my tree this year. Along with the deed to an apartment in Paris. That is all. Thank you!

rosemary & fig cocktail at tutta bella I love my time with my girlfriends. We walked down the hill from Stacee’s friends’ house in the Columbia City part of Seattle to have dinner at Tutta Bella. We sat outside and spilled all the dirt to each other while we drank these amazing cocktails of rosemary and fig and some other stuff I’d never heard of but really, really loved.

Then Stacee and Emily got a second one, and I was still on my first because I was talking too much. Dang it!

We literally stumbled in the front door that night. Sometimes you’ve got to have a night like that amidst the chaos of just – well…- everything!

columbia city bakeryBreakfast the next morning at the Columbia City Bakery, to which we also walked? Yes, please. If you can make it there, trust me when I say that the ham and gruyere croissant will charm you and the apricot gallette will do a good job of it, too.

old suburban Seriously. An old Suburban? Isn’t it gorgeous? The idea of a “Suburban” back when this was made translates to the size of my station wagon. Adorable.

the fault in our stars In my world of entertainment, this was a banner week, friends.

I finished The Fault in Our Stars with nary a tear. Because I am the ice queen, apparently, and the only person who did not need one single kleenex while reading this awesomely written story. Believe the hype and give it a read.

You will fall in love with a teenaged boy named Augustus Waters – not to creep you out, but just to warn you. You will wish you were 17.

"boyhood"And “Boyhood” – who has seen it?! It is an epic journey. The genius Richard Linklater filmed it over twelve years, so you see this boy grow in real time and see the actors change and age {hello, Ethan Hawke! Still crazy about you after all these years!}. And it’s just a beautiful, simple/complicated story of coming of age and growing and changing – not just for him, but for all the people in his life. It ended so perfectly, too. Please, please see it!

And now, it’s time for those back-to-school haircuts. Last year Annabelle went into the salon with long hair and left with a Pixie. I am justifiably curious about what the day will bring.

xo and happy weekend,

mrs. fresh scratch

from london, with love.

London: 2014, V

Since this week marks kind of the unofficial end to summer, it’s fitting that today I give you the last of my photos from my summer trip to Europe. If you’re new to all things Mrs. Fresh Scratch, you can view the rest here, here, here, here, here, and here {I sort of went a few places, it seems}.

London: 2014, IVThis was my second trip to London. The first time, last summer, it was where I began my adventures. I was jet-lagged to the max and didn’t really enjoy the city.

But this time? London was like saving the best for last.

There are only a few pictures, which means I spent a lot of time relaxing with my camera put away. That’s a good thing. I saw the city through both of my eyes and logged many miles on the Underground, going from place to place to place on many whims and giving that all-day Underground Pass a good workout.

We arrived early in the morning via the Chunnel from Paris, which is an insane ride. Seeing the French countryside at dawn? No way I was going to sleep through that. The actual chunnel itself was only about fifteen minutes of the two hour Eurostar ride. Crazy!

London: 2014, I And then I took a nap, because my hotel was crazy-nice. I ventured out in the evening, navigating the Underground all by myself {someone should take me to Disneyland just to congratulate me on this feat!}.

I walked around and looked at all that was new against all that was old. I sat until almost dark in a park on the Thames and just watched and thought. It’s not often we have time to do those kinds of things in real life.

London: 2014, II My one full day was a dash from here to there: King’s Cross for Platform 9 & 3/4 to Notting Hill to a huge toy store to the Design Museum to some really disgusting fish and chips.

London: 2014, IIILondon: 2014, VThough I didn’t end the day with a Pimm’s Cup, I did take off my shoes in Hyde Park just near sunset. I grabbed a spot on the grass, looked up at the sky, and thought about how from that viewpoint I could be anywhere, but really I was just a little, tiny, dot in the big city of London, far, far, far away from home and the real world. And I soaked it up.

Traveling is awesome. You shed all of the stuff you carry around every day without sometimes even realizing it, and you trade it in for much lighter baggage. You get time to ponder and to do things you might never do back home. You can exist in a little bubble of suspended time that holds an entirely different reality.

It’s an escape. But rather than escaping from something, you escape toward something.

from london – with love -

mrs. fresh scratch. xoxox

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