On the outside, it’s been a crazy-busy week, as the week leading up to the break for each of us in my household tends to be a doozy. But on the insides? My insides? Lots of reflection going on. Lots of gratitude.

Lots of quiet moments in front of the Christmas tree {when the ever-energetic Clementine hasn’t been crawling all over me}. Lots of thinking, “Oooh, I love waking up to the smell of the tree!” as I arrive downstairs every morning before the rest of my family. Lots of moments where I have thought, “Now this feels like Christmas!” – when the music began at The Nutcracker as I sat between my two girls last weekend, when my cookie party ladies gathered the other night and my house was filled with their happy peels of laughter, when I noticed a whiff of Scotch tape in the air as Annabelle wrapped and wrapped her mysterious gifts that have been multiplying and leaving this mom very curious.

The holidays go by faster every year. Let’s see what I managed to capture this week over on Instagram, where I’m mrsfreshscratch.

I finished A Moveable Feast last Friday, and I think it was the hardest I’ve ever been jolted after finishing a book. I wanted Heminway’s memoir to keep going and going and going for the rest of his life. His writing style is so simple, and I have always admired it. This is the one book, though, that I put down after maybe a third of it in college. I just couldn’t understand his writer’s lifestyle, or his marriage, or what the heck he meant. But now I do. I’m so glad I gave it another try.

And I think, even since high school, I have always sensed that burn he had beneath the surface, one I think all writers somehow have. When I’m with one of his books, I always feel like I am a part of the story – a friend who’s tagging along.

I also think it was hard to let go at the end of the book because I’ve been savoring it ever since I returned from Europe in July. That re-entry was also jolting, and somehow those months are all tied up in this book.

Are there any other Hemingway fans out there?


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Last Saturday night there was quite the dance party over here, as my daughters and I celebrated Taylor’s birthday by rocking out to her new cd. They are just a smidge obsessed with all things T-Swift. I think they think we are somehow friends because I follow her on Instagram {just for my kids, of course! lol!}.


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Help! There are regularly-scheduled take-overs of my kitchen! When I mentioned to Annabelle earlier this week that we really needed to time our respective baking better so we didn’t waste any treats by having too many, she took it to heart and came up with this.

I think I am supposed to write on it, too.



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I love simple decor like this one I saw at Spruce here in Olympia. I wish these were still for sale!

Wishing you a happy weekend with only the good kinds of hustle and bustle. We’re almost there! Confession: I am kind of too scared to look at my list of gifts to buy because I’m worried I’m too far behind. I’m in denial. Anyone else with me?

Meanwhile, enjoy the enveloping darkness as we get to that shortest day of the year. It’s kind of magical itself. Cozy up.


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