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Seelisberg, Switzerland, Fresh Scratch

Last spring I discovered the sometimes-quarterly-published Folk Magazine, put together by college student Ben Ashby of Kentucky.

First I fell in love with their Instagram feed, which posts some of their own photos, but usually photos they’ve found that have used their hashtags, #livefolk, #liveauthentic, or #wanderfolk. I am not lying when I say their pictures have made me get out more into the world and look for its beauty.


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You can’t be a subscriber to their magazine, but instead have to order each issue directly from their website, which is down. I have no idea what the future holds for them. Sometimes my magazines have arrived quickly, but mostly it feels like they’ve forgotten me and it takes forever. But it’s always so worth it in the end because I have something gorgeous to hold in my hands.

The articles are all about people living authentic, simpler lives – whether they’re farmers, folk singers, or makers of quality goods. There are always recipes for beautiful comfort foods. Each issue takes a little while to read, which is refreshing in today’s world of quickie content. I took one with me all over Italy this summer, and it lasted a few long travel-days.

That could be because my friend and co-worker Steve kept taking it from me to look at it and say things like, “You know that farming is really hard work, right? Like, it’s not romantic. These people probably wish they had a 9-5 job,” or, “Are you going to make that?” or, “Wow, that’s really pretty,” or, my personal favorite, “You’re so folksy.” Now it’s an inside joke. Secretly, we all know that Steve liked the magazine.

Somehow, this magazine makes me want to run away to the woods like Thoreau or watch some dude in an LL Bean flannel chop wood with an ax. But I’m totally digressing.

The thing is, I have a bundle of three gorgeous back-issues from 2013 to give away. In the process, I’m hoping we can show some love to this gorgeous publication. Maybe they’ll hire me on as an editor because I am so folksy! A girl can dream. If you think you might dig them, jump through the hoops below and I’ll announce a winner Monday morning, October 27th. a Rafflecopter giveaway

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