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Last weekend was one of those weekends that, for a long time, looked very quiet on the calendar. Then: blammo! It filled up like crazy! I’ll bet you have NO earthly idea what I mean…

First on the fun list was hitting the Girlfriends Holiday Market with Emily and our shopping buddy, Clementine, who is more than happy to tag along if you spend one dollar or so on her. This time, though, she wanted to get something for her sister for Christmas instead of for herself. Which is kind of a big deal when you’re five.

But that sign? Um. Hello!? They are welcome to sit in on my English classes. We’ll fix that right up.

I loved seeing a couple readers there! Hope you all came home with treasures!!

I got another plaid Thermos {!!!}.


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Friday night was the holiday open house for a couple of my favorite downtown establishments, Captain Little and Compass Rose. We decided to kick off our Friday Family Night with a little shopping, wish-list making, and a few pie pops.

Pie pops? Yes. Apparently they will be sweeping the nation.

One whole sidewalk was covered in chalk hearts. L-O-V-E.


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Annabelle and I spent twilight with Shelby of Shelby Payne Photography, getting new head-shots done. I can’t wait to see them! I will finally have a profile picture that is consistent and professional. And Annabelle’s acting resume will be updated, because she sure looks different than this time last year!

I heart Shelby. Can I just say what a satisfying feeling it is to go from teacher to friend?


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Instead of sleeping in on Sunday morning, which I am normally wont to do, I got up at six to bundle up in my trekking-around clothes, filled one of my thermoses {haha –  I actually use them!} with tea, grabbed Emily, and headed off into the outer rim of the Olympics Mountains.

We were in search of the Vance Creek bridge at daybreak.

We found it, but let me tell you, it’s hidden, man. And it is HIGH UP. Hundreds of feet off the floor of the forest and way above the creek, which looks so very tiny when you are standing in the middle of this slowly-rotting train trestle. With nothing to hold onto. And no fence.

But that’s all another post for another day. I will tease you with these shots and let you know: we survived.


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Look what happens when I leave Matt and the girls for ONE hour to meet my brother and step-mom?

Carrot cupcakes. That’s what happens.

And cuteness.

And dropping the measuring cup into the mixer while it’s on. Those kind of shenanigans.

I am finding it harder to bake all the things I want to bake, because, folks, we have another baker in the house. Meet Baker Annabelle! She is baking her way through Martha Stewart’s Cupcake book! Gulp.


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And speaking of Annabelle, I couldn’t resist these shoes for her at Target the other day. They were on clearance for $5! She is in the women’s sizes now.

Honestly, I was looking for a pair for moi. No dice. Next best thing? Bestowing them upon the daughter. She thinks they are the coolest things ever.

She’s pretty much right.

And that, my friends, is that. I’m going to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving right now, a little early, as I am going to take a little break from this corner of cyberspace over the next week.

You know, to eat pie. I need two hands.

Thank you ever-so-much for spending a little part of each day with me. You guys are awesome, and I am so thankful for such fun readers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

xoxoxoxo, mrs. fresh scratch

the thanksgiving round-up.

Cranberry Sauce, Fresh Scratch

spiced cider cocktailThank you, Thanksgiving.

Thank you for a few days off from school.

Thank you for pies {this is my favorite for Thanksgiving. It’s my mom’s award-winning recipe!}, especially pecan.

Thank you for sweet potato casserole.

Thank you for new movies out in the theater.

Thanks for some time to travel a little.

Thanks for the perfect excuse to make my cranberry sauce. I mean, the leftovers are awesome as filling for thumbprint cookies and such!

Thanks for time to read {I’m currently finishing up the latest in the Shopaholic series! Becky gets into scrapes like nobody’s business!}.

Thanks for arriving when it’s chilly so we can hide that holiday pudge beneath scarves and sweaters.

And thanks for cocktails. Because, I mean, wine is fine, but you know what they say about liquor. I’ll be drinking The Fresh Scratch, Apple Pie Martinis, and my new twist on the Apple Pie Martini, the Spiced Cider Cocktail.

Because nothing says gratitude like a drink with Fireball Whiskey in it. Am I right?

Just think, one week from now, we’ll all be pigging-out. Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

I am thankful for you!

Spiced Cider Cocktail
Serves 1
Who doesn't like a little Atomic Fireball taste with their apple cider? I mean, show me the person.
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Prep Time
2 min
Prep Time
2 min
  1. 1/2 shot of vanilla or honey vodka
  2. 1/2 shot Fireball Whiskey
  3. 2 shots of apple cider
  1. 1. In a shaker filled with ice, combine all three ingredients.
  2. 2. Pour into a glass filled with ice cubes.
  3. 3. If it's too strong, no prob - just top with more cider. Not strong enough? I think you'll know what to do ;).
  1. I like to mix these up ahead of time and store in a Mason jar in the fridge. Why not? Sometimes you just need these at the ready at the holidays.
Fresh Scratch

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