glitter & glue.

Kelly Corrigan

CorriganMeet Kelly Corrigan, one of my favorite writers.

She has a great first name, what can I say?!

Her first two memoirs,The Middle Place and Lift, grabbed hold of me and never let go. I was so excited when my little Clementine gave me a copy of her most recent memoir for my birthday last month.
Glitter and Glue: She’s written about her relationship with her dad and with her two daughters, but in this book Kelly Corrigan delves into the intricacies of her connection to her mother. Her mom’s a no-nonsense gal – the glue to her husband’s glitter, she says – from whom Kelly grew up itching to break away. But it’s in the very breaking away she did during a year of travel with her college roommate in the late ’80s that she starts to understand her mother.

After running out of money in Australia and with many months left to go and sights left to be seen on her travels, Corrigan took a job as a nanny in Sidney. She’s charged with transitioning a widower, his two young children, and a couple of other live-in family members after the death of their young mother to cancer. She finds her mother coming out of her mouth at every turn – gasp!

We see her mom through flashbacks – her reaction the time she shoplifted, etc. We see her closer to the present as she cares for the author during her battle with breast cancer. And we see Corrigan wrestle with the thought that she was put in that house in Australia to nanny that family in order to prepare her for her own battle with cancer as a mother.

Kelly Corrigan is an author whom I love because she writes in the voice of a spunky friend. She doesn’t sugar-coat and she isn’t shy. She’s frank and refreshing and the kind of girl with whom I’d feel comfortable sharing my short-comings – parental or otherwise.

She has a youtube channel that is awesome, a spot with excellent personal essays on medium, and a totally kick-ass Ted Talk on the importance of reading. I want to have a glass of wine with her so badly I can taste it!

Any other Kelly Corrigan fans out there?

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