Heidelberg, IV

It’s hard to believe it’s been one month since I was in Germany, or, as my brothers and I joke, “The Homeland.”

Heidelberg, I Heidelberg, II

Nothing like climbing a huge hill to get to Schloss {“castle”} Heidelberg after being up for like 24 hours traveling, right? But these views and the bratwurst awaiting me at the top made it all worth it.

Heidelberg, III

I love how the columns look like trees. So gorgeous. At this point, I just wanted to take a nap in the park surrounding this arch.

I was good, though, and saved the napping in public places for later on in the trip.

Heidelberg, IV

Here I am, massively jet-lagged but still smiling. That’s just how I do it, man.

And that’s the castle in the background.

Munich Market Singers

Last year I bombarded you with pictures from Munich, so this time I’ll chill out a little. Besides, I enjoyed getting to be in familiar cities where I didn’t feel the need to take a bazillion photos. It was nice to just walk around the market and observe and eat.

These gentlemen were leading the crowd in a very rousing German song that told some sort of cute story. I thought they were very well-prepared…

Munich "Baby" street performer

…and this guy was just weird. And creepy. He would lure women over to kneel down for a photo {which they would then pay for} with him, then use the fake baby hands to look down their shirts.

I am not lying!

Munich's English GardenBut this.

This is one of my top favorite places in the world: Munich’s English Garden. It. smells. so. good. SO. GOOD. Like oranges or something. Seriously, when I need to think of a happy place, this is where I go in my mind.

I highly recommend a bike tour through Munich with Lenny’s Bike Tours. They take you through the garden, and it’s been the highlight of Munich on both of my visits, if you don’t count the beers at the Hofbrauhaus.

{and let’s not count those beers this time. Too many.}

xo, Mrs. Fresh Scratch

monday meal madness.

champagne onion dip

Another Monday, another look back at our dinners. Got those menus and shopping lists at the ready?

Let’s go!

coconut rice stir fry

Mister Fresh Scratch made a big batch of coconut rice, and he used up the rest in this yummy vegetable stir fry.

By “yummy,” I mean I liked it. He liked it. The kids did not like it…

Thai curry vegetable and tofu soup


This Thai curry vegetable and tofu soup came together really easily and quickly. After all the chopping was done, I’d say it took me a half an hour.

Plus, this recipe required a visit to the guy at our farmers market who has the shitake’s. He happens to be known among my friends and I as “the cute farmers market guy.” So, not bad. Not a bad recipe at all.

If you decide to make it though, double the amount of vegetable broth. I used an entire carton. Otherwise it’s like a mushroom stew, and I am so not down with that.

teriyaki chicken with golden beet salad

We were recently gifted a new charcoal grill that’s much bigger and fancier than our old one. Matt tried it out with some thinly-slice teriyaki chicken the other day, and it was amazing. So was this salad of golden beets and avocado.

hot babe hot sauce tofu champagne onion dipYesterday I marinated some thinly sliced tofu in Hot Babe Hot Sauce, a local product whose creator I interviewed recently for this article. Then I took the new grill out for a spin.

The result was a grilled tofu with a nice aftertaste of lime and a slow, fiery burn in my mouth. Tasty!

I also made a champagne onion dip, which was a recipe inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s Seven Year Itch. I read about it in the film version of the journal Gather last summer. Her character in the movie says, “A married man, air conditioning, Champagne, and potato chips – it’s a wonderful party!”

Dang, I love that movie!

You can find the recipe here. I used white wine instead of champagne because I am weird and hate champagne.

Wishing you a week of eating well!

xo, Mrs. Fresh Scratch

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