Seabrook 2014, V

Seabrook 2014, VIIIThis past weekend marked the sixth autumn in a row we have high-tailed it out to Seabrook with three other families. Seabrook is a charming little planned community on the Washington coast, and I just can’t seem to spend any amount of time there without going into la-la land and thinking I never want to leave…

I took a twilight walk with my friend Chris, and it was even more magical at that hour:

Seabrook 2014, ISeabrook 2014, XXIV This is pretty much the coolest playhouse I’ve ever seen, but the kids were very horrified by it – they used to climb all over this old-growth stump, but now there’s a sign forbidding it.

 They did, however, put on a quite the elaborate play for us here. We had the whole neighborhood watching!Seabrook 2014, XXV Seabrook 2014, XXVI Seabrook 2014, XXVIIThe next morning, we gathered for time in town and a walk down to the beach…Seabrook 2014, II Seabrook 2014, III Seabrook 2014, IV Seabrook 2014, V Seabrook 2014, VI Seabrook 2014, VII Seabrook 2014, VIII Seabrook 2014, IX Seabrook 2014, X Seabrook 2014, XI Seabrook 2014, XII Seabrook 2014, XIII Seabrook 2014, XIVIf Dusty ever goes missing from my friend Carie’s house, it will be because I have dog-napped him.

Seabrook 2014, XXVIIIMy friend Emily and I drank multiple glasses of her special new cocktail, which is called “The George.” As this picture was being taken, we were lamenting the fact that, half a world away, George Clooney probably had already been married for a few hours to that lovely, smart woman. Sigh.

Then I read Divergent for a while in that chair. The next thing I knew, I was waking up from a nap in the sunshine, book on my lap. Ahhh, vacation.

Seabrook 2014, XVIWe have a taco bar each year, and it just keeps getting better. Nothing beats the years we can do it outside; actually, it’s only really rained one weekend out of the six we’ve gone!

Who says it rains all the time in Washington?!

Seabrook 2014, XVII Seabrook 2014, XVIII Seabrook 2014, XIX Seabrook 2014, XX It’s crazy how big the kids are getting. I’ve known them all since they were babies! The first year we came, Clementine actually was a baby!

Seabrook 2014, XXI Seabrook 2014, XXIIAu Revoir until next Fall, Seabrook!

Do you have an annual vacation you take, too? Do tell.

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