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Sometimes it’s kind of fun to save up a couple weeks’ worth of life’s little moments to share in this space…

Let’s see what we’ve been up to around these parts, as captured on my iPhone:

Here are my girls on Clementine’s 6th birthday, after just learning that we – together with a few aunties and uncles – got them tickets to see Taylor Swift this summer for their gifts this year. They opened a collage that Matt and I had stayed up late the night before to make, then got a little confused, a little stunned…and then came the scream.

Which is only preparing me for the night we are actually at the concert.

The Easter Bunny surprised all of us – we awoke to these footprints out front. They were very, very mysterious. Mystery still un-solved. My theory: there really is an Easter Bunny.

Further evidence: the Easter Bunny came for me. He brought me some of my favorite treats – Cadbury Eggs: hand-made!! – including this Pyrex bowl, which is the only one I’d been missing from the set I’ve been collecting. Thought I’d figured out who the “bunny” was, but was wrong. Again, maybe there are some things I am wrong about in life! Because I’m pretty sure only the Easter Bunny dots his i’s with little bunny heads.


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Our Spring Break that followed Easter was very low-key. Well, low-key for me – I spent it grading papers and resting an injury and having a cold/sleeping amazing amounts a teenager might be wide-eyed about. But for the Mister? He ripped out a lot of old carpeting circa 1989 – carpeting as old as Taylor Swift, as my girls pointed out.

So our day of fun was spent in and around Portland. We took HWY 30 behind Multnomah Falls and stopped at all the waterfalls. We had a picnic and lots of mini-hikes before we hit Multnomah. Then we headed into the city where we had ice cream at Salt and Straw, an amazing time in the park under the “cathedral bridge”/St. John’s Bridge, a visit to Powell’s Books, and dinner at the Southern restaurant, Screen Door. A full day!


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My friend Emily and I hit up the quarterly Girlfriends Market last weekend, where I scored a cute map of Alaska in an old frame. Such fun!


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This week has been a bit of a go-go-go week — the kind where there’s been something happening every night, it seems. I took a moment to capture another cute door from the courtyard near my hairdresser…


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…and came home to peanut butter and jelly cupcakes a’la Annabelle. l-o-v-e! You’re seriously missing out. There are only four left!

Happy Weekend! What are you up to?? I am going to be soaking up the sunshine and taking deep breaths to smell that lilac-scented air.

xo, mrs. fresh scratch

word-less wednesday.

word-less wednesday, fresh scratch

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